"Symbol of World" - my first try at spraying /School project/
It had to be a collection of symbols reflecting World the way it is today.
And because World is evil, the symbols representing it are evil, too.

"Tidalwave Apocalypse" - abstract painting on canvas

"Keyboard" - a plain white PC keyboard, resprayed to black
and painted a little red.

...so much for now, but:

/ Don't lose your faith - theres much more to come! /

Upcoming projects:

-"Skarcity Mobile Studio": Skar logo sprayed onto an unusually large metal suitcase.

-19" DeathWatch: PC screen adorned with bones belonging to a cat skeleton I've found.

-"Armilla Mortis": My broken Alchemy-bracelet, repaired and redesigned with some added bones.

-Any school projects I don't know of yet.

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