"Whate'er I verse, o can it be?
My loneliness is taking me.
What diff'rence does it make to World?
It will just stay
the way it was in times more old."

-The Black Snowcat



Wär' sie erfüllt, so wär' mir das Glück
Ist sie es nicht, so ist mir die Trauer.
Welches mich aber an alledem stört:
Es macht keinen Unterschied,
welche der beiden mir hier widerfährt.

Liebe ist Trauer, Trauer ist Schönheit
Schönheit der Ursprung aller Kunst
Ein Künstler bin ich, die Schönheit mein Ziel
doch die unerfüllte Liebe, gegeben war sie mir
schon zu oft in diesem Leben, gelitten viel zu viel.

Und wie auch bei allem, so auch hier trifft mich Schmerz
denn unfähig bin ich, zu fühlen die Liebe
denn zu lange war ich verborgen, versteckt, verwelkt
ist in mir das letzte, was an Liebe erinnert
nur mehr der Tod ist mein Gefährt'

Ich wagte mich damals vom Dunkeln ins Helle,
und aus meinem Abgrund, da ward ein Licht
"Was wird aus mir?", wär' dort die richtige Frage,
aber genau das fragt' ich mich damals nicht
und ging hinaus in die Dunkelheit
wo auch erlosch mein eigen Licht

Stattdessen geblieben, die Indifferenz
zu viel Hass, zu viel Trauer, der Rest liegt so fern,
s'ist weg, weiter unten, für immer verlorn,
Tief im Innern gelegen, tief im innersten Kern,
wartet auf unmöglich Rettung.

Bitterkeit? Schwärze? Indifferenz?
Ist es denn das, was aus mir geworden?
Nach all der Angst und dem Hass und dem Kampf und dem Leiden
bin ich zu dem, was aus mir geworden?
Es trügt nicht der schein, es wird schon so sein.
Und so bleib' ich, wie es Gott will, allein.


Not long now...

Rotten ruins of a twisted reality
slowly fading from the face of Earth
drawing their last breath before the fall

not long now, until it's over
not long now, humankind's withdrawal
not long now, the time has come
the apocalypse will consume us all

and your life be taken.
and you shall be judged.
and you shall suffer yourself
for in this world, there is no place for you

there is no place for nobody
not anymore
we've existed for far too long

Everywhere I look, only madness I see
Everywhere I go, insanity confronts me
Everything I hear, voices of Satan himself
sounding from the mouths of humanity

We're numbers, facts on a piece of paper
lying in the hands of our own dictator
his name is Legion, he is our creation

death has come to our God-forsaken nation
we are all just diggers of our own graves
Not long now...



Why does player play his games?
Because of love, because of hate
these things that never stay unnamed
only to me they are so strange

This new world that you brought to me
you lured me out of my old cage
led by your light, I came to see
led by your light, light fades away

Now I am here and you are gone
my heart aches and my thoughts insane
but never did you want this done
just wrote some words to ease your pain

Tell me, flame, what should I do?
Now that you turned me upside-down
shall I go on and look for you?
I fear that you are never found

Maybe you are an evil being
sent out by hell to make me die
but maybe it's not what it seems
and white your soul is, just like mine

I ask you now, you holy angel,
bringer of the sacred light,
my only flame, my only hope,
my only ray of sun's bright shine

Just take away my thoughts of you,
not those of you but those of God
a false god that does not exist,
a god resembling what you're not

For madness now replaces me
my soul corrupted, torn apart
while I'm becoming what you were
your path I go, our ways not part


I can't escape my brain
I can't escape my body
I am trapped in this human cage
I am nothing but a piece of meat.




Help Me

alone > ME < HELP



Chosen One

Look into my eyes
and your own you shall see
deep in my heart
I know that one day
you will stand next to me
and together
we will conquer the world


To My True People (2)

What do I have to do for you?
I shall do
everything I can
but my fear
so strong
it keeps me away
it keeps me awake
all day
all night
for eternity



I think it's time to sum up everything you have done in your life
Now think about the meaning of all these things:
What have you done? Have you helped them?
Or have you done everything you could
to help yourself? No matter what,
the results are the same:
you will die, like
everyone else
has died

Lonely Master

Perfection means weakness.
In order to succeed
one must master all
and not master one
above all others.

You cannot be better
better is relative
in the end you die
so go on and live
and leave me behind.



Time to change







Road to Nothingness

I've had everything
It would be wrong to say that
but I've heard of everything
everything has been tried before me
I am tired
I want to sleep now



Sieh in meine Augen
dich selbst wirst du erblicken
und siehst du in den Spiegel
dann werd ich vor dir stehen
du bist mein Ziel
der Anfang und das Ende
finden will ich dich
deine Zeit wird kommen
und zusammen
werden wir siegen




What is that?
What will I become?
How will they react?
of their rejection

flames die in water
change shall come
strength will be with me




there is something in my mind
it makes me want, it makes me seek
much stronger I have been in past
but now it's taking over me

no more fighting, no more shame
no more hiding in my cage
I'll change myself, I'll change the world
to die a death without regret


To My True People (1)

Nothing is the way it seems
All the world is just a lie
Tell me the truth
Are you the one I'm looking for?

Why have I left this world?
Was it for the best of all?
I'm doomed, lost, unknowing
I'm looking for you

round and round and round
my thoughts come and go
the same thoughts all the time
no new ideas in my head
am I turning insane?

What do you feel
everytime you look into my eyes?
Can you see my true self,
or are you blinded by the light?
What am I going to become?
When will this end?



Always remember,
never forget
September twenty-three...



I am one of them for now
One of all their ways combined
Yet difference is what I know
for to my thoughts I am confined

Whatever is what I become
these thoughts of mine I have to write
to save myself from pain to come,
to keep my heart locked down so tight

Myself I think I cannot change
The world? It is so hard to try
to make new rules for my own game
to let fear fade and slowly die


Crowd vs. Me

    fall for one man
    fall for the masses
    and I'm just sitting here
waiting for a wonder

tomorrow I will bleed
but today I am happy




It is my life which passes by. Not only.
Feelings.evoked environment.change our lives.for good or worse.
I have suffered for your enjoyment. You hurt me. You cling onto your innocence.
Let go.

I don't want to suffer anymore. I want paradise to come. I want peace.

I want humanity destroyed.

You are more. I am better.
You are evil. I am good.
You are few. I am much.
You are humans. I am god.

Alone again

Average is bad.

You are bad.

Go away.