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*** Legal ***

The legal identity of the person herein referred to as "Renascence Artist" can be determined by a simple WHOIS lookup of the domain, or by E-Mail contact. Therefore, it is never mentioned in any of the the HTML-documents hosted on this website.

SSKG, 1: Everything featured on the website (including the Trinity Orb logo, HTML code, written texts, graphic images, digitalized music and video) was made by the Renascence Artist, except if noted otherwise. It is however released as intellectual property of humankind. Thus, the whole content of this site is accessible, editable and freely distributable by everybody who wishes to do so.

SSKG, 2: "Theft" is not encouraged but tolerated. "Theft" will not be legally persecuted, except if employed for the financial benefit of a person or entity other than the Renascence Artist.

SSKG, 3: Professional psychiatric personnel are prohibited from referring to any of the texts or works found on while performing psychiatric evaluations concerning the Renascence Artist. Eventual suicide notes and other threats must not be considered as such, they are to be read as works of fiction.

SSKG, 4: The Renascence Artist is not liable for any damage caused by the confrontation with content available on

SSKG, 5: The website serves no commercial purpose and is to be considered an artistic project of the Renascence Artist.

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