This is the place where I deposit my various philosophical theories about World, humankind and the reason of existence itself, from its early beginnings till the very end.

The World

The Beginning

Billions of years ago there was a miniature globe of highly concentrated matter. It exploded, threw matter into the universe, and today's galaxies were created.

The Universe

I believe in the theory of the universe being a three-dimensional loop. Which means that, if someone started travelling into a straight direction (not on earth, of course, but on a galactic scale), he would, after an unimaginably long way, arrive at the point where he started his journey. A more simple approach to this can be made by thinking of a two-dimensional loop, or the letter "O". No matter where you begin drawing it, in the end, you will always return to the point where you began. It would be far easier to understand if the human mind was able to extend a two-dimensional loop onto the third plane, but unfortunately, it can not.

End of the Universe

Some scientists claim the universe of today to be hundreds of billions of years old, others think it to be as young as two or even less billion years. The average of all theories is somewhere near fourteen, but it can never be accurate and therefore it doesn't matter.

What does matter, though, is its future. Everything with a beginning also has an end - that end being matter floating so far away from the center, so distant from other matter, that all energy is lost. The universe is expanding. The longer it exists, the more it will expand, the less energy there will be. Suns will burn out and turn into novas, light will dissipate, gravity will fade, and ultimate entropy will be reached. The chaos that is now will become order again. And there won't be life anymore, nowhere.

How long it will take for World to become that way? Longer than our lives. Far longer than humanity's existence. Billions of years will have to pass until then.

The Solar System

4 billion years ago, a globe made of spacedust started to form, attracted by the gravity of another, bigger sphere, namely the Sun.

Attracted: Gravity is a distortion in the space-time-continuum and one of the four elemental forces. The other three are Electromagnetic Force, Strong Force and Weak Force. Probably all four are just forms of one super-force made of energy strings, but the Global Unification Theory is not fully researched yet.

Back to our home planet:

This spacedust-globe took 4 billion years to cool down, and after cooling down, life somehow began to spread on its surface. There are three theories concerning the beginnings of life which seem plausible:

1. An asteroid carrying some primitive forms of life crashed into our world.
2. Aliens brought primitive beings to our planet.
3. Life evolved here.

If these are right, and if yes, which one, is not known and probably never will be.


It took the primitive monozoa millions of years to become multicellular animals. Over time even they got more and more complex, until they no longer were simple mechanic constructions but the highly complex, self-sustaining computer-like entities they are now.

After a very long time of evolution, the newly-evolved complex entities formed the species we know today as dinosaurs. Shortly after followed the meteor catastrophe and wiped the planet clean, providing space for a new species of lifeforms - mammals.

Capable of highly complex thinking and able to develop advanced social skills, mammals now ruled the planet, and the dinosaurs were dying out. And then came the first man, resembling more of an ape than the Homo Sapiens we know today, and raised the first spear against his prey.

Evolution is nothing but a game. Only the strongest genes survive, get mixed with other strong ones and become even stronger. That was Nature's theory behind this. Then the human brain started growing, we developed new ways of communication, learned to build weapons, breed animals, and in the end we had an own civilization.

But human evolution unfortunately found its end here, somewhere between the beginning of the Stone Age and present time.

Why? Natural selection, the basic principle of evolution, got overridden by civilization. Everyone was able to survive. No matter whether they were sick, genetically damaged, weak or not intelligent enough, they had the option of breeding. It surely was better for the weak, as they were now allowed to have normal lives, but for the universal gene pool it proved to be a major catastrophe. As time passed, it got more and more contaminated. Some people think of genetic research or eugenics as the modern solution, others prefer and preach ethnic cleansing, but I claim them wrong - none of that is ever going to be sufficient to restart a process as great as evolution. For that, something far more radical would have to be done: humanity would have to be completely wiped off the planet, with only a minimal amount of survivors left, and no tools to aid them.

In the end, our civilization will be destroyed, this way or another. It doesn't really matter whether it happens by degeneration or war. 

Life and its purpose

What is life?
Life is the effort of a highly advanced biological entity to maintain its functional ability

That's the basic definition. Everything else - emotions, memories, values, all of it is just a by-product of having to keep an unnaturally complex creature alive.

What is the purpose of life?

Life has no purpose.

One could say it is the purpose of life to breed and to stay alive for as long as possible, but these are nothing more than instincts.

Of course there are people who don't want to accept this. In most religions, a reason for our presence is given - a reason believers can believe in, a reason the weaker ones can cling on to, a reason they can use to express themselves.

Yet above all of these mystical-magical, non-scientific theories there is one dark truth nobody dares to admit:

We were born because in our mothers' wombs the atoms were aligned the way they were. We live because our minds keep us alive. We breed because our instincts tell us to. We grow and age because our bodies are made the way they are. We die because some of our parts stop working or because some micro-organisms kill us to feed on our corpses.


In some religions (Hinduism, Islam) people believe in predestination. Belief is nice, but not nice enough for me.

First, the atoms.

Every single object consists of atoms. Atom is a Greek word and means "indivisible".

Atoms are not indivisible. They consist of even smaller parts, positively-charged protons, neutrons without charge, and negatively-charged electrons in their outer hulls.

But even these smaller parts consist of smaller objects called quarks, except the electrons. They are indivisible. Indivisible to today's means of science, at least.

These quarks and electrons, among other basic particles, float in space without constraints, and without a drive of their own. Therefore, force carrier particles have to interact with them to make them move the way they do.

The different configurations of protons, neutrons and electrons result in the presence of over a hundred different types of atoms, each with their own chemical attributes. They either attach themselves to each other or cause attached molecules to fall apart, and they can, with today's technology, be manipulated to act the way we want them.

The way an atom will react with another type of atom is always the same. Therefore, if somebody knew the position of every single atom in the entire universe, one could calculate all reactions and the resulting reactions and the reactions after that, and predict the future without errors.

...If It Was That Easy.

The force carrier particles, which are responsible for moving particles, stand in close connection to quanta. Quanta are tiny bundles of energy and can do just about anything they want. They can be where they are supposed to be, or they can not be. And there is no entity definable by the laws of physics which can actually predict quanta.

Their location, route and speed cannot be traced exactly, only the probability of an event - which means that only one of multiple probable events can take place in one universe. The others are discarded.

But in other universes, they are not.

According to my (philosophical, not scientific) theory, we have an (almost?) infinite number of parallel universes, one for every difference in quantum events. If a specific quantum event occurs in our universe, it doesn't in others, but again, in different ones, it does. After all, not only that quantum event has a variable outcome, but also billions of others. Every different outcome produces a new parallel universe. Every parallel universe is unique.

...which doesn't deny the possibility of predestination, because OUR version of the universe is just as unique as the other parallel universes. We cannot influence the quantum flow in our world. Actually, we cannot even fully understand it. Not even more "primitive", less reality-abstract scientific operations like molecular deconstruction can be performed by mankind.

How could someone influence the molecules' molecules, if he doesn't even understand the molecules themselves?

Who then has the ability to influence the quantum flow?


Nothing can predict quanta, with the exception of a God.

Throughout human history, every time when there was something mankind could not understand, it was explained by attributing it to the workings of a superior power. In this case, it is no different, and that superior power's name is Fatum.

Fatum is a latin word and means "fate".
It is a name chosen by me for a creature, the existence of which neither provable nor deniable by what we know today as technology.

My logic tells me that, if there is an arranging of parallel universes, then some entity has got to be the one responsible for it happening the way it does. This "creature" has neither anything to do with the Christian God, nor with mankind or animals, not even with planets, stars or atoms, just quanta and their distribution over the different coexistant realities. It is, in some way, omniscient and omnipotent, but even then it cannot work miracles in our world, cannot influence our lives or do anything we would be able to understand. But it does exist, that I do believe in. Otherwise we wouldn't be here.


I do believe in magic, in ghosts and in the Forces of the Dark.

But why would a man of science like me do such a thing?

Because, even if the probability of it is astronomically low, it is possible for wonders to happen. Based on the quantum variation and parallel universe theory, we could be living in a universe where it is not impossible for non-physical events to occur. Maybe, we have been assigned a combination of probabilities by Fatum in which some rogue quanta have the task to make some atoms appear right before me, in this very moment, and form a face out of nothing, only to make it vanish a second later and leave me wondering as to what exactly that apparition had been trying to tell me. That said, I'm still waiting, and hoping, for something supernatural to come my way, because until now, there hasn't been anything in my life unexplainable by regular science.

2c. The Lack of Free Will

"A man can do as he will, but not will as he will"

        -Arthur Schopenhauer

After so many theories concerning atoms and quanta, I'll leave microcosmic world and enter the human mind, getting closer to that which matters most - namely the machine that drives us all. 

Our brain is nothing a piece of meat, highly advanced, but still similar to our arms, legs, heart and every other body part. It consists of atoms, like everything else on this world.

It serves as a processor for influence perceived from World via built-in senses like hearing, seeing, smelling or feeling something, and as a distributor of commands to each body part passed on through tiny electrical discharges in the nervous system.

Still, it is so much more than that. Everything we know is stored in it, everything we are, everything we strive for. It is our central place of administration, and our home. But as it is nothing but a highly complex machine, it can only react in pre-defined ways.

Some weeks before birth, humans start to perceive influence from the outside world. They learn, feel, and develop unique personalities. 


All of this serves just one main purpose: Self-sustainment. The human race has no genetic memory passed on from parents to children, and therefore newly born members have to learn everything needed for survival on their own.

To be precise, it is not completely true that humans have no genetic memory. They do have basic instincts, emotions and deeply-hidden personal traits which are stored in the DNA, but these are far from being complete copies of the parents' personalities and knowledge.

If humans had free will, that would mean they could think whatever they wanted. And here's the problem. "Whatever they wanted" - what, exactly, does it depend on what they want?

"Every influence perceived" is the answer. One cannot think of anything without being triggered. Even the most individualistic, revolutionary and strange ideas are triggered and so belong not to their creator, but to their environment. There is nothing which comes out of nothing. Thus, "true" free will is impossible.

But there is a substitute for it, called personality or programming. I use both words, because they share the same meaning, except that one is used for living beings, while the other is used in connection with computers and man-made devices.

Every member of our race unchangeably follows the path of their programming. The path itself undergoes constant change by World, but nothing can keep a human being or any other living creature from walking this particular path. There are no other options.

The Personality / The Programming

The way people react to a given situation is summarized by the definition "personality".

Personality is that which makes every living being unique. It contains information on the individual, on how they react to all kinds of influence, typical behavioral patterns, memories and everything else.

Influence and and reaction triggers can originate from the outside (Someone says "Hello!", I say "Hello!") or the inside (I'm hungry, therefore I eat).

The basic concept closely resembles a computer programming.


IF I'm hungry THEN I eat

The problem, of course, lies in the inability to interface technology and mind. But even if that one was solved, there would still be another hindrance on re-programming a mind: complexity. The computers we use today contain hundreds of millions of transistors. An average human brain has more than 15 billion nerve cells, with nerve cell technology being completely different, and far more advanced than transistors. 

Life as an organic computer?

Today, it has become quite clear to science that human thinking is the result of electronic activity taking place inside the brain. Emotions have been reduced to chemical substances, thoughts to tiny discharges, and life to a mechanical process. The human race has developed the technology needed to understand itself. It's just belief that keeps mankind from accepting it, and hope.

To destroy this hope would mean to replace our civilization with an army of robots, worthless and insignificant, and spiritually dead. Therefore, people naive enough not to believe what I say are definitely superior, as they are those who keep humanity intact as a collective of lifeforms instead of turning it into a robot farm.


Computers were designed to be react to their users, who would trigger them by typing in commands.

In the case of living beings, there is no user but the sum of all outer and inner influences.

If we do something, we are forced to do it, either by an object, a creature acting independently from ourselves or by something inside our brain "making us do it". Outer and inner triggers. 

All our actions are forced by outer and inner influence.

Which means that it is not me who is responsible for everything I do, but all the people and things I have met in my whole life.

...which would excuse serial killers and discredit cultural benefactors, making the entire civilization one huge entity of cooperating creatures. That is the truth; sooner or later, everybody will have to face it.

The Insignificance of Life
Life is meaningless.

This thought process consists of five steps.

1. The path of the atoms is predetermined by the quanta keeping them together.
2. The path of life is predetermined by the personality / the programming.
3. Living beings are forced to follow their path.
4. In the end there is nothing but death, which is completely insignificant to World.
5. The atoms will not stop following their path, even after life is gone.

Life has no true meaning and no significance to the universe.

Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I feel as if I was moving away from this place. My thoughts come free from their earthly bonds, and I see the shape of my true existence, the silhouette of the secret behind life itself, of the divine beyond. Black and white, shades of grey.
Then, fear starts to build up in my mind. Fear of turning insane if I ventured farther into my dream, farther towards the ultimate truth. It is here that I always open my eyes and convince myself of this being normal, being a natural instinct designed to keep me alive.

But sometimes, I ask myself - is it really just an instinct?

The Outside World

I am the Seeker, one of seven billion humans populating the planet Earth. My point of view towards all I see is objective, always trying to view the things through a neutral spectacor's eyes. I can understand the good, understand the evil, understand priests and understand serial killers, understand everything. I know why the leaves are green and why the earth is brown, and despite all the knowledge - or maybe right because of it, I am unable find true happiness and contentment in a life similar to others'.


As long as they are alone, people can be quite interesting to talk to. Conversations can even be mutually entertaining, provided that there are no more than two participants and the topic is interesting for both.

Problems start arising when there are more than two people involved, because then, the social programming starts to work, disabling peoples' private, true personalities. The more there are, the worse they are - until, in the end, socialisation becomes a struggle to reach an always higher position on the hierarchical ladder.

And it is because of this that I seldom meet with or talk to more than one person at a time. Playing these twisted social games is not my wish, it makes me feel bad about myself and worse about the others.


I am part of no regular society. The reason for that is simple - in every society, there are rules, and there are leaders.

I am unwilling to accept the mostly  of socialization, and I also do not respect any creature more than another, only because of its higher title.

My denial of social rules does not mean denial of democratic laws, these are two separate things. My views do not conflict with laws, as most laws are there for a logical and understandable reason. What it does conflict with are the "unwritten laws" of society, which, to my mind, are still far too oppressing and primitive.

Harsh accusations? Especially considering the last few decades' social reforms and rebellions, modern society is often thought of as an ultimate playground without any "rules" left. Everything, it seems, is allowed - alcohol and drugs, violence, sexuality, decadence have taken over.

And that, exaclty, is my problem. Things really have changed. But what has not, and what should have, is the basic thinking of humans, or better: of society. Maybe, if people were a little bit less hedonistic, less aggressive, maybe if they wouldn't prefer senseless enjoyment over balance, then everything would be alright. But it isn't. Their eternal desire to possess more and more and more is now impossible to fulfill.

Society's become corrupted. That is where my problem lies, that is what I rebel against. Social behavior is what makes the noble creatures that are humans become primitive offenders, while making them victims of the hierarchically superior at the same time.

How this problem could be resolved in a peaceful matter? I do not know. Nobody knows, else a solution would have already been found. What I know is that I will never be at peace with society. And that being a loner certainly has its advantages.

"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

        -Albert Einstein


The Human Empire can be divided into two regions - places for the rich, and places for the poor.

Places for the rich are few and little, and they contain only a very small part of the Earth's population. These are the countries of the USA, Japan, and the new European Union. And while the countries themselves may be rich rich, even here, in these industrialized parts of the world, poverty is slowly taking over - unemployment rates are increasing, class difference is enormous, and immigration from poor countries has become a major problem. The system of their world - our world - has already began to crumble apart.

And then, there are the poor places of Earth. The origin of cheap food and even cheaper electronics, with a few giant companies from the rich world exploiting and killing the population by offering them food in exchange for slave labor. When there is talk about them, they are called Africa, Asia and Southern America - but most of the time people don't say these names, don't mention them, don't think of them and pretend not to know the truth.

The World

World is one huge beauty in itself.

On the one hand, there is nature, made beautiful by its complexity and perfection. On the other hand, there are the creations of mankind, aesthetic either because of its powerful contrast to nature or because of its close resemblance of that which we perceive as natural. Architecture, art, technology, industry - all these things have an aspect of beauty to them which is often ignored by World's inhabitants.

Every living creature is a wonder.

Even a human is a wonder, probably even the biggest wonder in existence, but also the worst nightmare to its own kind. The beauty of men and women healthy and untainted by sickness is absolutely undeniable, it is something so many strive for, but only so few are able to reach.

Beauty can be found in so many places - still, most people cannot see it, as they are blinded by their own quest for material values, recognition or acceptance.

You can live as if World was Heaven, and you can live as if World was Hell,
to the universe it does not matter.

It's only you who will suffer if you keep your eyes closed. So open them, and embrace Existence, for only once will you get the chance to live it in this unique way!

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